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Hanli & Richards E-Shoot

Recently Hanli and Richard came to visit and discuss there engagement shoot over lunch. Because they are getting married on the beach and living in Johannesburg, we had to sit down and conceptulize something unique that would incorporate there theme for the wedding in Blythdale next year. So I asked them to tell me there story of how richard proposed to bring in those elements.


How did I propose to Hanli:

  •  Start with the planning and asking my friends opinions maybe.
  •  Then setting up that day buyng the flowers and camera ect. And decorating the house
  •  Then how you felt that day and when I stopped from netball being irritated coz we lost and I sat in traffic
  •  Then when you opened the front door, how I was surprised and didn’t know what was going on.
  • And then what happened when I came to the room, what you said and my reaction.
  • Then I wanted to phone everyone but was only allowed to phone my mom coz my friends were on their way waiting for your signal
  • And then lastly we went out for dinner with everyone.

"Ok so that’s hanlis version," said Richard. "Mine adds a bit more background!"

  • Asked her dad over Christmas 
  • Buying everything in the mall yes, but looking for a pink camera was not easy
  • Spent the afternoon in the garden practicing the bent knee pose, while the Rottweiler was trying to jump on my back 
  • She started crying so much I couldn’t put the ring on her finger
  • And I had to ask her for an answer because she couldn’t stop crying 
  • Friends were waiting outside with champage
  • They had to do her nails in the restaurant so she could take pics

Well we couldn't bring the Rottweiler to the shoot, but got the camera, the roses and a few other things to add context to the shoot, being that the colour scheme for the wedding was blush pink and gold. I love how it turned out, along with the other pictures they will be using on there wedding site for there guests.


Danni and Waynes E-Shoot

Danni and Wayne are very easy going and when asked what the wanted to do for there engagement shoot, they where so not fussed, so I suggested we go and have a mess around day with there retinue. The day came and we headed off to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens for the morning with a few mates and a couple of props. Fun was had by all!


Guess who!? A Ticket Tape Engagement

If this is your first time visiting "a wedding lifestyle" then welcome, and here's a great way for you to get to know who's behind all of this...

"A Ticket Tape Engagement" is in fact a shoot featuring me, James, and Clarisa my lovely fiance!  We scheduled a shoot with an engaged couple for the weekend but, unfortunately they had to cancel... lets just say their mood wasn't too romantic so we had to improvised.  And what better challenge, than to do your own engagement shoot!!

It was no easy task, but I think by setting up the shot and using my tripod as some extra hands, worked out pretty well.

The story behind the ticket tape is where our engagement began.

Two years ago I offered my bride to be a ring made of ticket tape saying MARRY ME.  In return I received a YES PLEASE!!!  She wore the ticket tape ring for the first 2 weeks of our engagement (refusing to take it off) after which I presented her actual ring.


We decided to do the shoot at our house to capture a bit of our character, comfort and our three dogs; Lulu, Luke and Barthez.

What I love about an engagement shoot is that this is a great opportunity for the couple to have FUN before their wedding.  You don't need a elaborate theme for the shoot.  Before doing a shoot we meet with the couple to find out what they're all about and discuss settings and styling that compliments who they are in playful, romantic and reflective pictures.

Clarisa is part of my creative team and is great at styling and quirky details.

If you would like to find out more about the engagement shoots and meet with us please feel free to contact us.

This February we've decided to share the love and add a complimentary engagement shoot to wedding packages booked this month.  Click Here to find out more!!

Hope you enjoyed our "Ticket Tape" story.

Cheers, J