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Weddings by James Strack

James Strack, studied fine art in Cape Town and since finishing in 2001 has been photographing in the commercial and advertising industry for over 12 years. A recent change of focus, shifted his expertise to wedding and portrait photography and even more recently to Johannesburg as a central location to access the rest of South Africa and the world.

Having been behind the camera for over a decade, James still holds true to the perfection of that perfect moment, created by the subtleties of ever changing light and emotions through out the day. Memories are captured and preserved in moments behind the lens, which is the lifestyle of his photography. His background in beauty photography, honed his appreciation for flattering light and subtle changes in capturing his subject. A passion that today extends into his journalistic approach to your wedding day.

Photographing a wedding takes focus, we ask what do we want people to feel? Delight, surprise, love, connection? Then one begins to photograph around our intention, so as to deliver a harmonious, natural experience for all during the day and lasting well into the future.

In addition to our Standard Packages, “a Wedding Lifestyle” is happy to incorporate specialized services, such as wedding websites, photo booths and unique Print techniques, such as Screen Printing and direct printing on to wood, that will definitely make a statement anywhere in your home.

Who am I? I hope my work expreses that first and foremost. Then we get to meet and look forward to creating beautiful memories with you!